Newest StableHost Promo, Coupon Codes 2014

Today, I'm going to show you coupon codes for the webhosting that I like most. This's is a stable hosting with reasonable price, especially when you use the coupons mentioned here. For example, you can save 40% when buying any of its hosting plan as well as VPS plan.

StableHost Coupon for New Users - updated on April 30th, 2014

40% off all plans for new users
Expiry date: -

StableHost Coupon codes for any plan

25% off for life (any payment plan)
Expiry date: -

Old StableHost Coupon codes for New users

50% off for YOUR FIRST INVOICE(any payment plan)
Expiry date: -
Newest StableHost Promo, Coupon Codes 2014

StableHost User Reviews


I signed up with Stablehost using the WHT coupon and got my whole account for $35 a year. Can't beat that!

They respond to sales questions within 20 minutes.

They took care of transferring the account and resetting up the cpanel domains and editing them because Lunarpages locked them somehow.

All support emails are answered within about 20 mins.

I look forward to dealing with them.

I have spent the past few hours updating my php software packages to the newest ones in order to prevent what happened in the first place.

Thanks for everyone's advise and help on here (and the coupon!)


I've been using them for 4 months I think. I host a moderately sized community with them and there's been no downtime or hiccups at all. Everything has been fast and smooth.

StableHost is a refreshing experience in the current world of shared hosting.

<>Stuart Frank

Anyone with modest needs such as myself won't find a better price anywhere. I signed up for three months just to give my 17 domains used mainly for email, a web presence. I can't find a better price anywhere. I'm in the UK and some UK based hosts would want to charge hundreds of dollars a year to host all those domains. I don't see any reason why I won't be renewing again and again and again ....

Newest StableHost Promo, Coupon Codes 2014

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